Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Many Great Years Of Savile Row Tailoring

Hosting a dinner party is a social occasion that can potentially leave you stressed and nervous as the meal you serve might be all too familiar to your guests. However, sometimes you can add just one additional ingredient to a tried and tested meal to give it a whole new makeover with a unique taste that your guests will love. Why not make that ingredient a truffle?
A delicacy that grows around Mediterranean regions, particularly Italy, truffles come in two colours, black and white. The black truffle is officially known by its Latin name, Tuber melanosporum, and it grows predominantly in the earth surrounding oak and hazelnut trees, particularly in France. The white truffle, or Tuber magnatum in Latin, is most commonly found in northern Italian areas like Langhe and Montferrat. Both truffle types are perfect for adding to an existing recipe to create a whole new spin on a classic dish. For example, garnishing popular salad dishes like smoked salmon and callellini bean, or lobster and avocado, with just a few small white truffle shavings can transform the meal entirely. Chances are that your guests will probably never have tried a truffle before due to the rarity of this delicacy.
Truffles are difficult to harvest and are most often quite literally searched for (with the aid of pigs and sniffer dogs) in Mediterranean farming regions. Once they are located they are then dug out of the earth and shipped off to be sold as soon as possible as they don't remain ripe for long. While obtaining truffles is often hard, once you experience their exquisite taste you'll understand why such effort is made.
Truffles are somewhat expensive, but if you find that buying one is simply out of your price range, you can always experience the taste of a truffle with the help of truffle oil instead. Truffle oil is specially designed to recreate the taste and aroma of truffles through a recipe of ingredients that mimic their flavour exactly. This acts as an excellent alternative, as you can use truffle oil to add a dish that truffles are known to complement such as Mushroom ravioli with roast chicken breast. The taste will be no different to that of a real truffle sensation. Truffle oil can also allow you to experiment in your kitchen as you concoct incredible recipes of your own while recreating the delicious taste of truffles at a bargain price.

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